In his day to day work life, Anthony Grant creates commercial design work for the masses. He spends his days crafting web pages, banner ads, print advertising etc., relying on acquired knowledge of the graphic arts and balancing those “rules” of design with his own intuition and style. While his professional work strives for perfection and or “solutions” in the commercial sense, his personal art work aims to be disruptive, while drawing on the familiar, using certain visual cues and symbols often found in advertising to question identity and cultural norms/expectations. Anthony’s pieces are designed to seep into the viewers psyche; to wake dormant, inquisitive parts of the mind. As most advertising is tailored to condition the viewer (look better, be smarter, more likable, etc.) to align, purchase, and or profess their love of X brand, Anthony combats that notion with graphically disjointed fragmented symbols that can be reassembled, hence reinterpreted, by the viewer. In this assemblage, the viewer is meant to question the meaning of the piece, and the meaning of the cultural icons and symbols Anthony has appropriated.

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